June 15


How SWOT Analyses Can Turn Weaknesses into Opportunities

In the modern workplace where employee autonomy is becoming the norm, there is an increasing need for self-awareness, Amy Blackburn argues. She recommends that employees conduct personal SWOT (Strengths, Weaknesses, Opportunities, and Threats) analyses. SWOT analyses are conducted to aid employee development, and help people achieve greater success in the workplace.

Let’s say, for example, “John,” a salesman, wants to hone his strengths, become aware of his weaknesses, develop greater job satisfaction, and discover new opportunities. His SWOT analysis may contain accolades like “exceptional interpersonal skills” and “legendary customer service” under the Strength category, statements such as “longer-than-necessary lunch breaks” or “company’s lack of new products stifles earning potential” under the Weaknesses category.

From there, if John is honest with himself and his analysis, he can take this information to better ascertain what his opportunities and threats could be. For an example, an Opportunity for John may include taking shorter lunches so that he can better learn the business needs of his clients, and a Threat may be something along the lines of departmental resistance to change or potentiality of inter-office conflict.

Taking the time to perform a SWOT analysis gives an employee the information they need to make a proper game plan. For John, it may give him the chance to discover underlying issues which contribute to work unhappiness or persistent challenges. Essentially, it puts him back in control of his own situation.

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Prioritizing thoughtful reflection is an important tool for success. What tool or technique do you use to reflect regularly on your progress?


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