October 6


How Top Founders Stay Focused – 6 Key Motivators

On the surface, it may seem goals like getting rich and having power would be powerful motivators. Yet, studies have shown that these external motivators carry little long term weight.

Author Bill George argues that the best leaders and entrepreneurs are better off following intrinsic –e.g. personal meaning – rather than extrinsic – e.g. power and money – motivators.

Here are 6 Intrinsic Motivators that top founders have proven will help any leader or entrepreneur stay focused.

  1. Make a Difference – is there something the world needs? Are you able to do something/create something which will meet those needs? Entrepreneurs like Bill Gates, Reed Hastings, Jeff Bezos, and Steve Jobs were all world changers.
  2. Find Personal Meaning – Whatever you do, build something that means something. If you’re in it for the profit alone, you’ll find motivation to be lacking.
  3. Do Something Great – There’s a deep satisfaction which derives from doing something that you can be proud of.
  4. Continue to Grow – To find success as an entrepreneur, you have to be continually challenging yourself to grow and improve.
  5. Place Value in Your Beliefs – There’s a reason why you feel strongly about doing things a certain way, tap into those reasons and use it to your benefit.
  6. Help Others Achieve – No entrepreneur exists in a vacuum. Look for ways to help others build and grow, for ways to develop long term partnerships and relationships, that way if you ever need help, you’ll have it too.



Read more at Startup Professionals.

Building a successful company takes a lot of different resources. However, to stay focused and committed, it’s important to connect with some mission that’s larger than yourself, as these motivators indicate. Think of how much untapped potential is available by helping each person on your team connect with one of these powerful forces. What will be your first step today?


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