December 3


How Will Learning Occur at Work in 2025?

Learning at Work – What’s Ahead?


The intersection of how we learn at work and for personal use is blurring at an increasing pace. From a traffic and usage standpoint,
the most popular tools onlineare becoming the default go-to sources no matter what the question, need, or curiosity. Here are the top sites from USA traffic:

  1. Google – search engine
  2. Facebook – social sharing site
  3. YouTube – video hosting and search engine
  4. Yahoo! – search engine
  5. Amazon – online superstore and social sharing
  6. eBay – online marketplace and social sharing
  7. Wikipedia – collaborative online encyclopedia
  8. Craigslist – local marketplace for goods and services
  9. Twitter – micro blogging and social sharing
  10. LinkedIn – business networking

People are searching, shopping, and sharing online at work and at home like never before. Managers resent and often restrict access to Amazon from the office, until the case is made that a needed technical manual or reference book needs to be ordered. Or, the employee takes out a smartphone and bypasses the firewall restriction. Spouses and significant others arch eyebrows when their partner checks e-mail at a restaurant. We are in a transition period where social norms are being redefined and boundaries redrawn.

I’m excited to be hosting a World Future Society teleconference on Wednesday, December 5, that examines these issues and more. Joining me are:

  • Kathleen Brush, Ph.D. is a global business consultant.She has 20+ years of executive experience as a CEO, GM and CMO. Her articles have appeared in the Financial Times, Washington Post, Entrepreneur, and more. Her latest book is The Power of One: you’re the boss.
  • Joe DiDonato, Editor-at-Large for Elearning! Magazine and Government eLearning magazine, is a “roll-up the sleeves” senior executive whose background spans both the for-profit and non-profit worlds and whose experience ranges from staff and management functions to CEO and board positions.
  • Patricia Franklin, former Chief Learning Officer for Vistage International, is a strategically minded learning executive and author recognized for implementing award-winning innovative solutions validated by business results with a proven record of executing best-in-class instructional design and e-learning initiatives.
  • Lawrence I. Lerner is president of LLBC, A Global Change Agent, and has a gift for communicating technology to business executives and business vision to technologists. Lawrence has a passion for corporate entrepreneurship and has created “game changing” services for the world’s top brands.

It’s going to be a terrific discussion.

Chime in below with what you would like to know about the future of workplace learning.

Better yet, visit this web page where you can get info on how to join the Future of Workplace Learning teleconference.



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