May 24


Insights from the Social Media Marketing Industry Report 2013

Michael Stelzner, founder of Social Media Examiner and author of the books Launch and Writing White Papers, has released the fifth annual report on social media marketing, and this one looks to be the best yet.

In this summary finding from over 3,000 social media marketers, he reinforces popular wisdom (Facebook is uber popular, yes, we know, we know), and shares actionable knowledge, like the best social media outlet for B2B vs. B2C.

If you’re in the marketing business like we are, you can reference benchmarks on how people are spending their time and on which platforms. The single most important insight to take away from any kind of marketing activity, of course, is to measure your ROI, as shown in pipeline movement. Those who spend the most time on social media without a strategy or metrics to help determine what is working, often end up rich in “likes” and poor in dollars — something I don’t wish on any of my clients or friends!

Note: The report is available for a limited time.


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