September 2


Jacques Werth: President and Founder of High Probability Selling on My Quest for the Best

Jacques Werth is the President and Founder of High Probability® Selling, a sales consulting and sales training organization. He is a man with a mission to revolutionize the sales process through his system of “radically honest selling.” High Probability Selling is based on the deceptively simple concept that people buy from people they trust and respect.

Jacques has observed hundreds of salespeople in many different industries while they interacted with prospects and customers. He learned what the top 1% of the world’s best salespeople do that the other 99% do not do, and this is what he teaches, both in person and through his book, High Probability Selling.

Listen to Jacque’s expert My Quest for the Best interview to learn:

  • Tips from studying the top sales performers for over two decades

  • The distinction between personality traits and behavioral traits

  • What matters more to top sales performers than being liked

  • The two things every salesperson should be certain of to be successful

  • Why it is necessary to take calculated risks to learn new skills and aim for bigger goals

  • What to do when you’ve tried everything to sell better and nothing has worked so far

You can get a copy of Jacque’s book here and listen to his expert advice here.


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