June 1


Jill Konrath, Recognized Sales Expert, Speaker, and Bestselling Author on My Quest for the Best

Jill Konrath is an internationally recognized expert, popular speaker, and bestselling author whose career is defined by her relentless search for fresh sales strategies that actually work in today’s business environment. She excels at helping sellers crack into new accounts, speed up sales cycles and win more business.

Her first book, Selling to Big Companies, addressed the major sales problem of how to set up meetings with prospects who’d rather avoid salespeople all together; Fortune Magazine named it one of eight “must reads” for sellers. When the economy tanked in 2008, Jill wrote Get Back to Work Faster, a game-changing career book. SNAP Selling, Jill’s highly acclaimed new book, jumped to #1 on Amazon.com within hours of its release.

Listen to Jill’s excellent My Quest for the Best interview, from which you will learn:

  • That successful sales work is a learnable skill set, not an innate trait.

  • Practical steps to set up meetings with key decision makers.

  • How proper sales training led to a morale boost in a client company.

  • What SNAP selling means.

  • How certain assumptions help you in sales, rather than hurt you.

Jill’s newsletters are read by 80,000+ readers worldwide, she writes a popular blog that’s been syndicated on numerous business and sales websites, and she’s frequently published in top business media. I encourage you to take some time to listen to her interview to gain new sales strategies for your business.


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