Keith Ferrazzi on Professional Networking

  1. Success in any field, but especially in business, is about working with people, not against them.

  2. The currency of real networking is not greed but generosity.

  3. Poverty, I realized, wasn’t only a lack of financial resources; it was isolation from the kind of people that could help you make more of yourself.

  4. Networking often has a negative connotation to it. People think it’s disingenuous and tactical, all about “what can you do for me?” What I talk about is approaching people in the spirit of “What can I do for you?” It’s relationship building, interacting with personal and professional contacts alike on a much deeper level than most people are accustomed to. That’s the kind of relationship that delivers the greatest success.

  5. The depth of the relationship with the customer is one of the only differentiators that gets you through the door and keeps you there.

  6. I fundamentally believe business relationships should also be personal ones.

  7. The most powerful relationships – the ones that create results – are ones where you are able to have a personal connection or bridge with the individual. Otherwise you’re just conducting transactions, like a machine. There’s no trust there.

  8. Being yourself and having in-depth relationships in your professional life means work is a lot more fun.

  9. The rule in life that has unprecedented power is that the individual who knows the right people, for the right reasons, and utilizes the power of these relationships, can become a member of the “club,” whether he started out as a caddie or not.

  10. You can’t get there alone. In fact, you can’t get very far at all.

  11. Behind every great leader, at the base of every great tale of success, you will find an indispensable circle of trusted advisors, mentors, and colleagues.

  12. The concept of reaching out to others for support isn’t about changing who you are. It’s about enlisting the help and advice of others to help you become who you can be.