August 15


Legacy, Entrepreneurship, and Turning Talent into Wealth: My Conversation with Erika Andersen

I recently had the pleasure of being interviewed by Erika Andersen, an insightful business thinker and author who shared her own thoughts on leadership on My Quest for the Best earlier this year.

Erika asked what I think are the key qualities needed to be a successful entrepreneur. To me, the number one necessity is to have a strong commitment to making a big vision a reality because you’re convinced that that vision will make a difference in the world. It’s what funders want to see and, more importantly, what will make your business a success in the long term.

I also shared some thoughts about what I want my legacy to be, about the inner game of business, and about how entrepreneurs and business owners can succeed in this challenging economy. I hope you’ll take a few minutes to follow this link and use the interview as a resource to help grow your own business.


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