May 15


Lessons from Start-ups that Reach $100 Million in Revenue

Here’s a new report released from the Kauffman Foundation, one of America’s best sources for entrepreneur research. It’s called “Companies that Matter,” and focuses on recent US-based companies that have grown to the $100 million mark in revenue.

Only about 150 companies a year reach the $100MM mark in the United States, and by examining the clusters and trends some powerful insights emerge.

Each company in this study has grown to the hundred million dollar mark in a relatively short time, has generated jobs “quickly and broadly” through its growth, and be “disproportionate creators of wealth,” meaning that they generate high paying jobs and give good returns to investors.

As I dig into the data, I’ll be sharing some of the surprising facts and myths that get busted via Twitter (@BillRingle) using #SmartCEOs in the tweets.

What insights did you find in this report?


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