Hipmonk's aganoy factor

Love the Agony Factor!

I love seeing when companies that embrace the practice of helping their customers make effective decisions. The benefits of doing this are many and mutual for both the business and its customers.

Here’s an example from Hipmonk, a new travel search engine.


Rather than just compete with the big dogs like Orbitz and Travelocity and display airline flight info by times and airlines, Hipmonk designed another criteria that is really useful to flyers based on duration of the flight, number of stops, and price and allows you to sort by this metric. In addition, they give it a cool name, the “agony factor” to increase its visibility and appeal. You want to minimize your agony factor, don’t you?

Give your customers something to talk about that makes their lives easier and their buying experience with you more enjoyable and you’ll unlock more of your company’s growth potential.