Magic Beans (Three Steps to a Successful Marketing Promise)

Seth Godin, an entrepreneur, author, and public speaker, has created three steps to a successful marketing pitch. By modeling his steps after the popular children’s story Jack and the Beanstalk, Godin is able to form parallels and create a more accessible and entertaining format for good marketing.

The first and foremost requirement for marketing success is to have a ready and willing audience. Jack had minimal resources, few options, and wanted to be sold to. When doing business with people in higher positions than Jack, make sure to foster trust and gain permission before you pitch.

Second, the person listening to an offer has to want to believe in the story. For Jack, the prospects of escaping his problems and getting rid of his cow left him believe the old man; eager for anything that might absolve him of those issues. Good marketers shape their supply to meet the demands. Uber, a company that created an app for more efficient city commutes, was unsuccessful because they offered a product people either did not believe they needed or were not willing to go through the steps to acquire. Know the audience.

Lastly, the offer has to be true. Be able to back up the product or consumer trust will falter. Word of mouth can be of extreme value, and once Jack tells his friends business will increase enormously.

A successful marketing campaign requires execution of these three components.