June 21


Make a Boring Presentation Sound Interesting

How do you make your routine presentation on project progress sound more interesting to the audience? Annet Grant gives 4 steps to keeping your audience from falling asleep.

Turn Data into Images. 

Make Sure You’re Selling Something

  • Get the audience on board by doing more than just presenting on the data that you need to display. Sell them on the benefits of this information so that you can bring them into a mindset that you know what they need and as a team you can creatively work towards the future.

Add More Context

  • You may be presenting on numbers that haven’t changed since the last time you presented. You can make your presentation more interesting by discussing influencing factors that have changed since your last report. Look for comparisons to give your data a scale and interesting spin.

Share Something They’ve Never Heard Before

  • Share some insight from a conversation or news from an inside source that can give your audience something new to think about.

Regardless of your industry and presentation topic, Grant writes, you can engage your audience by these four simple steps. Read the full article here.


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