March 3


Marissa Mayer’s No Work from Home Rule

Marissa Mayer created lots of backlash, and backlash to the backlash when she decided to call Yahoo employees back to the office. Much speculation as to her reasoning has been discussed, perhaps its a test of commitment to weed out the productive workers from the home slackers.

Tony Schwartz CEO of the Energy Project believes, “Marissa Mayer is way too smart for this to be the ultimate resolution of whatever challenge they’re facing.” Schwartz who is an advocate of flexible workspace culture calls the practice of trading time for money outdated, since time does not accurately dictate the amount of value a worker is generating. He believes the core argument wrapped up in work at home or work at office packaging is trying to enforce uniformity.

LesMcKeown, author of ‘Predictable Success and well-known authority on My Quest for the Best, makes the case very strongly that copying what worked at a previous company is a bad idea in his Huffington Post article, “The Fall of the Turnaround Blueprint Strategy.” In it, he makes the points that: 1) It’s Wholly Counterproductive, 2) It’s Almost Always Wrong, 3) It Stifles Debate , and 4)  It Eradicates True Innovation.

Here’s a sample:

Telling everyone that they have no clue what they’re doing, and that only you and your handpicked lieutenants understand the true path forward, which is the heart of the ‘arriving hero’ strategy, achieves precisely the opposite — however dressed up in pr-speak the message is, it alienates and frustrates those who are on the receiving end of it, and guarantees that the organization will start its new journey by moving backward, not forward.

My view is that she is using this policy change as a signal that the culture needs to be rebooted, expectations reset, and commitments realigned. Those who don’t get it or refuse to get on board will leave and use this as an excuse. Unfortunately, this puts a huge obstacle in the road for parents who have developed routines and coordinated resources around child (or elderly parent) care. It’s a bold move, but not one that I would call well thought-out.

Read the full article here.

Photo Credit: Marissa Mayer Via WikiMedia


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