Mastering the Art of Self Promotion

Mastering the Art of Self Promotion by Jonathan Rick in Fast Company

In the above article, Jonathan Rick proves the value of self promotion in today’s world of social media. The idea of begging for support, although initially deterring, can be an asset. Those willing to ask for favors are much more likely to receive than those who remain passive or timid.

Entities such as political campaigns, writers, small businesses, doctors, and even the white house have adopted the methods of self promotion.

Social media outlets provide endless marketing opportunities. By adding the option to “share”, “like”, or “comment”, these outlets invite an audience, even pressures them, to participate in promotion.

Rick calls upon a personal example to reinforce his main point. While working at a PR agency, his boss called a meeting during which she read out a letter a written by a client in high praise of a coworker. He noted that the letter had not just appeared from thin air, the client had not just decided to take it upon himself to help the co worker out. That co worker had to ask, to market himself for personal benefit.

An important distinction to make is that in order to promote properly, it is integral to choose proper wording and avoid egocentrism and desperation. An approach to a situation often determines the outcome. Avoid shameless promotion to maintain integrity and court a more receptive audience.

Humanity and humor go a long way. Self promotion is well worth the risk given the wealth of opportunity in the current technological era. To properly market, show others a belief in oneself.

Jonathan Rick closes the article by employing his own methods, asking readers to tweet, follow, and subscribe to him on a variety of different mediums.