June 25


My Secret to Writing, Publishing, and Promoting

Almost everyone has at least one good book inside them and I bet you do too.

No one is more qualified to show you how to become a successful author in than Jack Canfield.

Co-creator of the ‘Chicken Soup for the Soul’ series and other books, Jack has launched 47 New York Times bestsellers with over 500 million copies in print worldwide.

Check out this inspiring 7-minute video with Jack Canfield on writing a book and selling lots of copies

In this free video, you’ll hear Jack share:

  • How he went from inner city high school teacher to becoming a mega-bestselling author with over 500 million books sold.
  • His advice on how to get started as an author and how to make your book a success.
  • The real payoff to writing a book (hint: it’s probably not what you think).
  • A super-simple way to get started writing your book.
  • How to get 3 additional free training videos to become a successful author.

Check out this video now to learn some of the best joys and rewards of being an author from Jack Canfield.


I’ve learned from Jack Canfield for many years through his books and audio programs and have even had the great opportunity to work with him in person several times. His stories are terrific. I found the one where he and Mark Victor Hanson sent copies of Chicken Soup for the Soul to the OJ Simpson jury both insightful and inspiring. Pictures of all the jurors walking into court carrying the book were a media sensation, splashed over the pages of newspapers and television reports.

Jack shares great stories and tips in this video training, so why not visit now and take a look?

Steve Harrison is a masterful teacher and publicity tactician, who helps authors like Jack Canfield and thousands who aspire to global fame and impact succeed (myself included).

Jack Canfield


What is a tip you’ve learned about the power of publishing? Share what you’ve learned below.



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