myBusinessGym Services

myBusinessGym serves its members in the following 12 ways:

  • Teleclasses — where you can learn about new ideas and tools to help you run your business more effectively.
  • Business dashboard — your dashboard is where you assess specific areas of business strength and see the results in a simple visual display. You’ll find myBusinessGym “work out stations” to hone your abilities in marketing and sales, client experience, financial management, staff and systems, and strategic leadership.
  • High-level networking — meet other entrepreneurs, make connections, do business, form relationships that are mutually rewarding in both business and personal areanas.
  • Weekly eNews — an electronic newsletter that updates members on upcoming events and stimulates entrepreneurial thinking.
  • Laser coaching — a remarkably effective technique for bringing choices and decisions into clear focus in brief telephone conversations.
  • Online forum — post questions and share your expertise using this web-based communications exchange.
  • Teleseminars — myBusinessGym offers over 24 teleseminars annually, so that members can learn important techniques and information to advance their business goals from the convenience of their office.
  • Targeted training — Onsite programs that provide skills development for all staff and team members.
  • Live seminars and workshops — Here is where get get to meet face-to-face and work on building a stronger business.
  • Mastermind groups for entrepreneurs — You’ll grow faster in the company of your peers who are also setting ambitious goals and working to achieve gains.
  • Private coaching and mentoring — You can receive one-on-one coaching to make the fastest gains in growing your business and leading an outstanding life. Get feedback on your leadership and communication strengths, create plans for improvement, and get support as you take on new responsibilitie and roles.
  • R&D projects — Participate in the brainstorming and refinement of projects that lead to new ideas, new tools, and new programs for myBusinessGym.

Three Levels of Membership at myBusinessGym

Depending on your level of readiness, we have three membership levels to help you build a stronger business and more satisfying life as an entrepreneur.

  1. The Masters of Influence Program

    • Members participate in 8-12 person learning groups to facilitate business and personal development.
    • Members meet monthly in person to develop strong relationships that lead to business referrals and increased access to community leadership positions.
    • Members receive individual coaching sessions to work on individual skill and performance issues.
    • Members participate in special group activities and dinners.
    • Members have access to private group forums.
    • Members at this level are welcome to participate in events and programs offered to other members as a benefit of their membership at no additional charge.
  2. Master of Influence members are entrepreneurs who are focused on gaining greater influence and affluence among an trusted community of peers.

  3. The Franklin 100 Program

    • Members participate in quarterly in-person seminars. The two-day seminars start on Friday and conclude on Saturday. Through group exercises, role play situations, advanced planning, and coaching, much is accomplished as a group and as individuals.
    • Members participate in exclusive laser coaching sessions.
    • Members have access to private group forums.
    • Members have access to special dashboard stations to encourage greater accountability for goal attainment.
    • Members participate in volunteer community projects as another outlet for contributing their time and talents.
    • Members participate in an end-of-year dinner, and recount their successes and gains.
    • Members at this level are welcome to participate in events and programs offered to other members as a benefit of their membership for a 50% discount while enrolled in this program.
  4. The Franklin 100 is a year-long program for high-tech and preofessional service entrepreneurs establishing a business using 8 strategies proven to produce greater profits in less time. Through the Franklin 100 program, you’ll grow on 3 levels: your personal life, your business, and your community.

  5. The Solopreneur Springboard Program

    • Springboard members receive access to the dashboard stations.
    • Springboard members are able to participate in any or all of the more than 24 teleseminars offered annually as a membership benefit. (Guests pay $50 per teleseminar, so by participating in one teleseminar per month you more than recoup your membership fee.)
    • Springboard members receive at least a 10% discount on all teleclass, seminars, and other services offered.
  6. Springboard members have made a commitment to growing their business and creating an outstanding personal life. myBusinessGym provides many opportunities for growth through:

Without membership, entrepreneurs and business owners can participate as guests in teleseminars, coaching/training programs, and receive the weekly eNews as a way of becoming familiar with myBusinessGym.

Compared to members, guests will pay premium fees for the services and miss out on the advantages that members enjoy.

arrow If you recognize that you’ll benefit from these services, then find out more about us and how we operate myBusinessGym.