March 1


New App That Turns Your iPhone Into a Smart Lab

29 year old Myshkin Ingawale is making medical awareness a whole lot more accessible. The MIT graduate has developed his second health testing app, dubbed Uchek, for the iPhone (coming soon on the android) to enable users to test their urine with purchasable strips for early detection and education on what their bodies may be trying to tell them.


Much like the way a litmus strip shows pH, Ingawale’s strips are color coded. Take a picture using your phone and the app will more accurately diagnose the results offering information on glucose, bilirubin, proteins, specific gravity, ketones, leukocytes, nitrates, urobilinogen and hematuria present. While it isn’t meant to match lab results, it also doesn’t match lab result costs (a mere $20.99 for strips with the app vs $1,000 – 10,000 at a lab) the app is able to give you a basic medical awareness and preventative information, like a trace/large amount of leukocytes might indicate a urinary tract infection, enabling you to take action to minimize the ordeal.

His first app, called TouchHb, uses LED’s and a photodiode to analyze the absorption pattern of hemoglobin and determine volume. Ingawale says the point of all his smart tech is to help diagnose anemia, a treatable but potentially fatal condition. He believes, “The medical device industry operates on proprietary, closed hardware and a recurring revenue business model,” and is “trying to democratize healthcare.” with Biosense Technologies.

Read the full article on Wired.

Photo Credit: UCheck Via Wired


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