December 2


Not Finding Information is Costly

According to Forrester Research, Inc., Vice President and Principal Analyst, Rob Koplowitz, in the November 2012 report, Mapping The Value of Social Business and Collaboration, says: “Information is hard to find. If the goal is to drive optimal business results, what is the cost of lack of access to information? The cost is twofold: First, knowledge workers spend valuable time looking for information. On average, 42% of information workers spend more than an hour a day just searching for information. Highly paid roles like executive 46%, engineering 48%, and finance professionals 45% index above this average. Second, they make decisions based on access to the information they do find, which may or may not be the best information available. The cost lies in decisions that are made with incomplete or inaccurate information.”

What information costs have you incurred searching for information?

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