June 21


The One Sign You Need to Know to Gauge Leadership Skills

Chip Bergh, chief executive of Levi Strauss & Co., recently spoke in an interview about how he uses “leadership transparency.” This transparency means having the emotional courage to stand up in situations that are uncomfortable to tell the truth and confront your issues.

  • Bergh gives an example of one of his employees while at Procter & Gamble, that was intelligent but not performing well. He felt pressure to promote him, but when he did, he was gone after 4 months. His lesson from this is to be transparent and let people know when they aren’t pulling their weight, and set the bar high.
  • Transparency can kill the toxic work environment where politics get involve behind the scenes. Being clear about the expectations for the team can allow you to stop the funny business before it snowballs.
  • It takes transparency to let move forward in a business and produce results. Bergh does not regret letting someone go so they could move faster, but he does regret waiting too long to make a move.

Radical transparency is a trait that allows information to flow freely between managers and employees, which will build trust and remove confusion. Read the excerpt from Bergh’s inteRview here.


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