The Perfect Print Ads for the Social Media Age

Burger King’s “Burning Stores” campaign recently won the Grand Prix at Cannes. The criteria to win was for a print that classically portrayed a message in one image, in our modern age.

  • Burger King’s campaign included a series of ads that showed enflamed Burger King stores with responding fire fighters. The imagery is striking and the title is simple: “Flame grilled since 1954.”
  • This destructive image of the the franchise is a modern work, which requires bravery, authenticity, and a playful attitude apt for the digital age. Burger King used successful digital marketing strategies in their print campaign. With social media, it is hard to cover up your flaws as a company. This means that you have to expose yourself with a sense of humor to embrace your imperfections.

Burger King wont the Creative Marketer of the Year at Cannes this year. See the images from the campaign and learn more about other companies who are doing similar work in the full article.


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