Presentations and Speeches

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Bill Ringle Delivers Unique Business Leadership Presentations that Educate, Inspire, and Entertain

Business leaders are paid to make two types of bets in the interest of their companies: bets on strategy and bets on people.

Bill Ringle’s presentations are designed around business objectives to help your people learn more about new trends, new technologies, and new ways of performing.

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Bill Ringle Coaches Business Owners and Management Teams to Think Bigger, Plan Better, and Achieve More

A conference presentation or strategic retreat offers value in raising awareness and instilling a common understanding of a particular challenge or opportunity. Then, the real work begins.

When you’re looking for someone with an objective perspective who knows how to communicate with a wide range of personalities and levels of experience (from CEOs to front line managers) in a broad business context (supported by work in dozens of different industries), contact Bill Ringle.

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Entrepreneurs and other business owners enjoy learning how to “fast track” their business by working with Bill Ringle.

  • Are you ready to attract more business with less effort and provide a higher level of service to your clients?
  • Have you already determined for yourself that in order to succeed at the next level, you need to consider, adopt, interpret, and/or fine-tune your systems and strategies?
  • Do you understand that by working with someone with the right skill set and who is outside the reporting hierarchy, you can get perspectives and intelligence that’s impossible to get from your own people?