Quick Tips to Upgrade Your Presentations

Summary of Rand Fishkin’s Tips:

  1. Eliminate or race through well-known or highly obvious information.
  2. Never show multiple elements of info on a slide before you talk about them.
  3. Customize your examples to be relevant to your audience, geography, or shared passions.
  4. Create a conflict in your story with a villain, hero, and struggle.
  5. Give actionable takeaways. Avoid broad, generic advice.
  6. Assume knowledge and ask folks to raise their hand if they don’t understand.


About the Author Bill Ringle

Bill Ringle is a CEO, former Apple exec, published author, and angel investor. Through Grow Business Now, he offers strategies and tools to elevate growth for executives and entrepreneurs from more than 46 industries. Bill has conducted nearly 200 podcast interviews on My Quest for the Best, where industry and business leaders share their secrets to success.

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