RainMaker Academy with Bill Ringle

Welcome Small Business Owners, Bootstrap Entrepreneurs, and Solo Professionals with Big Goals

Are you unsatisfied with how much money your business made in the last 3-6 months?

Have you been frustrated by how long it takes to bring in new business?

Do you believe that it is possible to be selling more and selling bigger deals and projects to your prospects and clients?

If you feel like you’ve been blocked, stumped, stuck, stalled, burdened, or stifled by the current business conditions, the RainMaker Academy may be your best chance to get the information, strategies, support, techniques, and coaching that you need to make it to the next level.

For many, that next level means finding more opportunities to sell to real buyers. That next level brings a greater level of certainty of being able to bring in an extra $5,000 to $25,000 in new business each month on a regular basis. For some, it means being able to close deals faster or overcome the obstacles that are being thrown down. For others, breaking through to the next level would allow you to bring in more profit and in less time faster than you do now.

The RainMaker Academy is the only program of its kind designed by entrepreneurs and delivered by entrepreneurs, for entrepreneurs. Successful women and men start businesses all the time with passion for their craft; what determines whether their business is a success or failure in 2-3 years is how well they have figured out how to have an abundance of qualified prospects and a solid process for moving them from interested to sold. Other entrepreneurs are making business development breakthroughs…maybe now is your time to enjoy the same levels of success.

I’m going to share a simple formula with you that is the essence of the RainMaker Academy:

  • Mindset * Systems * Action * Accountabilty = RainMaker Results

There are three distinctions you need to understand:

  1. Creating RainMaker Results is the result of a product, not a sum. Thinking it is a sum is a dangerous myth because it allows you to ignore one or more vital components of your process.
  2. Mindset is a critical foundation of success, not a fluffy, puffy sentiment. You will get results by taking action along the proven guidelines and having accountbility partners, but you will multiply your results significantly when you BELIEVE in your ability to succeed.
  3. Each element needs to be optimized for the product to grow quickly. If you have a great mindset, but don’t take action consistently, you’ll never get anywhere. If you don’t have the same high level of accountability week after week, your efforts will wane. Consistency matters. Quality matters. You get the whole package in the RainMaker Academy.

On the page below, I describe the RainMaker Academy, a program I designed and have taught to my private roster clients for years. Now, I’m opening up the best collection of tools and strategies for rapid business development to a wider audience of business owners and entrepreneurs to have an even greater impact.

What is the RainMaker Academy with Bill Ringle?

The RainMaker Academy is a six-month program that teaches people who are responsible for marketing, selling, and business growth within their companies how to fill their pipeline and close deals more efficiently and effectively. If you are responsible for meeting with prospects, convincing them to consider the products and services your company offers, and closing deals, and your company currently has revenue goals up to $5 million annually, then you should read more about the RainMaker Academy.

What will participants in the RainMaker Academy learn?

You will learn the essentials of business development as well as advanced techniques for landing new business, more profitable business, and longer-term business.

The six-month program covers the following business development essentials that all entrepreneurs and business owners need to know, including both inner game and outer game of business success principles and practices:

  • Make marketing a priority.
  • Attract prospects instead of “chasing them.”
  • Create compelling entry points to building a business relationship.
  • Accelerate the sales cycle.
  • Deliver “wow” products and services.
  • Use KIT and social media to facilitate repeat purchases and referral business.

Does the RainMaker Academy process work for my type of company?

The principles and practices you’ll learn in the RainMaker Academy have worked successfully in dozens of industries already, including high tech and professional service businesses such as: accounting, engineering, executive search, financial service, consulting firms, executive education, marketing consulting, wealth management, web design, custom database development, software development, iPhone/Android app development, search engine optimization, web hosting, network troubleshooting, fiber optic network installation, publishing, employee benefits/insurance, HR consulting, spa services, and more.

The special nature of brick and mortar stores, such as retail establishments and retaurants, could benefit from the tools and techniques taught in the RainMaker Academy. However, the business models in those industries cannot be optimized the same ways a high tech/professional services business can.

How does the RainMaker Academy work? What can participants expect?

The program is comprised of five delivery channels each month:

  1. Interactive, roll-up-your-sleeves workshop to introduce and refine the breakthrough topic and tools
  2. Group coaching call to address implementation questions
  3. Online assessments to guage your readiness
  4. Weekly progress tracking to report your results
  5. Peer group support to build relationships that are both authentic and accountable

What is the commitment to participate in the RainMaker Academy?

You need to commit on three levels to participate in the program.

First, you have to commit to give the time and effort the program requires. That means blocking a day a month out of your schedule to attend the workshop, and between 2-4 hours a week on non-workshop weeks to complete the assessments, assignments, and accountability work.

Second, you have to commit to telling the truth about your results. It happens too often in business: when there’s no one to report to, some business owners have gotten into the bad habit of justifying, denying, or otherwise rationalizing when they do not follow through on what they say they will do.

Third, you have to be open to making changes. It won’t do either of us any good if you just come as a spectator. This program is about making changes so you get different and better results. We want to reach out to business owners who are doing pretty well and who want to do even better through what you learn in the RainMaker Academy.

Who should NOT apply for the RainMaker Academy?

Critics and doubters and know-it-alls who want to be “right” all the time on the sidelines instead of “stepping on the field” to practice and perform and learn new skills and perspectives that will help you advance your company may as well go elsewhere now, because in order to grow, you’ve got to make mistakes. In order to go to a new level, you’ve got to master the steps at a lower level. If you don’t believe that it is necessary to crawl before you walk and walk before you run, and that the right coaching can help you become a better, more confident runner/business owner, then you will not likely adopt the new tools, habits, or mindset necessary to succeed. Too bad.

Who is Bill Ringle and do you offer a guarantee?

Well, I’m Bill Ringle. I own a business like you do. The focus of my business is educating and coaching business leaders to be successful in both the inner game and outer game of business.

At the request of my best clients, I’ve started the RainMaker Academy to assist entrepreneurs and business owners learn to end the frustrating and pointless marketing and sales behaviors that seem to repel potential customers and delay business decisions, and instead to attract more prospects and to build more productive and profitable client relationships in record time. I do this work with private clients, in larger teleseminars, and in live presenations, week in and week out. And now, through the RainMaker Academy, you can learn and develop the key mindset and skill set to take the mystery out of business building once and for all, with all of the support mechanisms to increase your success rate, for a very affordable tuition fee.

The quality of the experience is guaranteed, because that is within my ability to control. I fully expect that by participating in applying the principles and techniques in the RainMaker Academy, you’ll easily recoup your tuition fee before the course completes.

If you have any further questions before deciding if the RainMaker Academy is right for you, let’s discuss it.

Fill out the form below to request an application and if you want to ask a question, I’ll schedule a time to talk about it with you.

What is the next step?

The next step is to apply to the RainMaker Academy with Bill Ringle. Please fill in your name and e-mail below to request an application.

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