Reagan on Leadership

Reagan on Leadership: Executive Lessons from the Great Communicator by James M. Strock

Ronald Reagan was elected to lead a dispirited country that had lost its way. Overseas, governments tottered in the face of an expansive Soviet empire, and U.S. citizens fell prey to cold-blooded terrorists. At home, a listless economy produced more unemployment than jobs, and a demoralized military hunkered down in timidity. America had become a land of limits rather than of opportunity.

How Reagan turned the country around is an inspiration for leaders everywhere. This remarkable book gives you the keys to his leadership skills and shows how they can be transferred seamlessly to today’s business world.

Based on new interviews with some of Reagan’s closest advisers, Reagan on Leadership presents an inside look into the day-to-day executive style of one of our century’s most successful statesmen. You learn his secrets of management success, such as how to hire the right people, negotiate from strength, move an audience, overcome failure, and, perhaps most important, communicate an inspiring vision. (