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Results Lie at the Bottom of Your Business Funnel

Getting rid of distractions and living up to our true potential has everything to do with where you focus your attentions, explains Mark Suster. He presents the framework as a funnel split into three sections, with the top portion comprised of low-probability opportunities which may or may not come to fruition, the middle section made up of mid-probability or possible win-win scenarios, and the bottom being the ideas which will have the highest chances of becoming reality.

Although it’s important to add ideas and opportunities to the top two tiers of your funnel, it’s even more important to focus on those things measured by the bottom end, because there’s where the results lie. Instead of being a top of the funnel “shiny object” chaser, stick close to the visions which you know will produce desired results.

The reason why this framework is so effective is because it will force you to focus on the projects you can actually finish. It’s easy to get started on projects, to open new doors, and to discuss possibilities. It’s another thing entirely to see them through to the finish line.

Yet, putting this to practice isn’t perfectly straightforward. Some of the difficulty with using this method has to do with the fact that it’s not always easy to visualize the end goals. Sometimes opportunities arise and you simply don’t know whether they will produce results or fizzle out completely. What starts at the top of the funnel could easily become a bottom funnel project with the right push, so knowing when and how to make this happen could require a great deal of effort. It’s also important to change your focus periodically, since managing different ends of the funnel require different relationships and skill sets.

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What’s the biggest obstacle you’ve encountered to managing either the top or bottom of your business funnel?


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