Self-Confidence is a Key to Your Success

Brian Tracy reiterates some of his favorite “laws of success” in this short video. I’d like to call your attention to the last section, where he talks about the one common denominator found in a book research project of 500 individuals who started with nothing and became very successful in their lives is the unshakable belief that each individual had in himself or herself that success would eventually be theirs. Belief is a feeling of certainty about some aspect of your world, so when you believe that you will ultimately be successful, it helps you interpret events through this filter. It is a powerful belief to adopt and I can say from my own life and business experiences and from those of many of my clients and seminar participants, it makes a key difference in how much you as an individual will do, how hard you will work for your own success, and how you will deal with setbacks. Listen to Brian Tracy and find where his words resonate in your own belief system.