December 9


Signs You’re Not Ready for Entrepreneurship

In a recent article for Agent eNews magazine, the founder and principal of San Diego-based Disability Insurance Services, Daniel C. Steenerson discusses 10 signs that you just may not be cut out to be an entrepreneur.

10. You can’t stand the heat.

Every day, you have to be ready to put yourself out there and do things you’ve never done before – all with less financial security. So make sure you’re very comfortable being uncomfortable.

9. You have professional ADD.

If you get bored and frustrated easily, business ownership may not be for you. Being an entrepreneur requires unwavering laser focus, time and persistence.

8. You get stage fright.

As a business owner, you need to be ready and willing to take center stage and spread the word whenever possible. If you’re uncomfortable in the spotlight you better master these competencies before you launch.

7. You hate roller coasters.

As a business owner, you never know what’s around the corner. There will be countless ups and downs, and you need to be prepared to hang on and enjoy the ride.

6. You think complexity is cool.

The truth is that the simplest solutions are the most successful. As a business owner, you need the ability to distill concepts down to their simplest forms

5. You can’t explain the steps of shoe-tying.

Tying a shoe is complicated, and so is running a business. This means you need the ability to break big ideas into easy, actionable steps for implementation.

4. You don’t believe in marketing.

If you don’t believe in marketing and embrace it, you’ll never succeed. Be ready to dedicate effort and a decent budget to the task of marketing your company.

3. You’re easily winded.

Once you start your business, you’ll encounter the “middle mile.” It’s where you face challenges and drudgery. Despite the inconveniences, you must move on

2. You’re a problem passer.

Sometimes, customers and employees will be unhappy with your decisions, and that’s okay. Successful entrepreneurs never postpone difficult choices.

1. You’re on the quest for quick cash.

You are in business to solve problems and to serve others and not for quick cash. If you can deliver a better solution or service than your competitors, you will make plenty of money. But, it doesn’t happen overnight. If you want to make quick cash, business ownership may not be for you.

Starting a business isn’t easy but it can be extraordinarily worthwhile and satisfying. If any of the 10 warning signs don’t give you pause, you may just be a good entrepreneurial candidate.

Read more details in Agent eNews magazine

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