Steve Jobs on Bold Innovation

Steve Jobs is best known as a co-founder of Apple Inc. A notably charismatic speaker, he is hailed as a pioneer in the consumer electronics industry overseeing the development for multiple groundbreaking products. He began his career in the late 70’s engineering Apple II with co-founder Steve Wozniak. In the mid-eighties Jobs left Apple to form NeXT, a development company targeted toward business and educational markets. After acquiring a computer graphics company (now called Pixar) Jobs returned to Apple in 1997 (while I was still an employee) as an advisor and interim CEO pulling the company from near bankruptcy, and in less than 15 years, transformed the company from struggling to survive to the most valuable company in the world.

Through the 90’s Jobs oversaw the development of well known products such as iMac, iPod, iPhone. He reinvigorated Apple Inc. not only with high demand products but consumer friendly services like Apple retail store, Apps Store, and iTunes.

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