Taming the eMail Beast

In his article in Smash Magazine, Paul Boag touches on a subject near and dear to many: email. The progression of technology has complicated lives with constant stimulation and overflow of information. Email is perhaps the most prevalent offender, requiring unceasing attention. Boag offers readers ways to simplify email, deal with common issues, and provides helpful tools to do so.

Paul Boag lists six main points as keys to solving an unnecessary email crisis:

  1. Send less email, and receive less email. Reduce the sheer number of emails sent out and be open to other forms of communication such as instant messaging, phone calls, and face-to-face meetings.
  2. Write less in emails by sticking to a five-sentence rule while simultaneously ensuring clients that their time is of value. Link five sentences to the signature to explain email brevity.
  3. Unsubscribe to unhelpful chains to receive less email. Online tools such as unroll.me can make unsubscribing even simpler.
  4. By maintaining email as solely a source of communication (not for news, weather check, etc.), clutter can be eliminated. See Feedly for more.
  5. The addiction to email checking can be stopped with tools such as AwayAFind, which employs a notification system to determine the emails worth checking and the ones to ignore. Do not feel obligated to open every email immediately, just see the necessary ones.
  6. By organizing email and halting the clutter, the confusion and frustration can cease. Choose to reply, delete, unselect, file, or defer an email, but take immediate action to avoid a pile up.

Although the prospect of managing email may seem intimidating, Boag ensures readers that as long as they enact his tips and process email they can conquer the beast that is email.