Temple BYOB Bowl Shows Entrepreneurial Strengths

As a judge for the contest, I was impressed with the strengths of the field and the polish of the presenters.

The winners of the 2010 BYOBB were:

Grand Prize – Next Engineering, Executive Team: Chaitanya Sakhalkar, CEO; Francois Sagna, CFO; Steven Trinh, COO, and Kevin McCardle, Chief Technology and Manufacturing Officer – College of Engineering; Mentor: Steve Ludmerer (GPSEG) and Dwight Carey

First Prize, Undergraduate – Lion Tea, Executive Team: Ray DeRosa, CEO – Marketing/Entrepreneurship, Fox School of Business; Mentor: Marilyn Barry (GPSEG)
Second Prize, Undergraduate – Neighborhood Foods, Executive Team: Dylan Baird, Founder & CEO – Entrepreneurship, Fox School of Business; Mentor: Leonard Nole (GPSEG)
First Prize, Graduate – 123LinkIt.com, Executive Team: Yasmine Mustafa, Founder & CEO – Alumni, Fox School of Business; Mentors: Anthony Gold, Phil Ives, CH Low, Chris Meyers
Second Prize, Graduate Р Urban Turbines, Executive Team: D. Daniel Martino, Co-Founder РAlumni, College of Engineering and Ben Schneible, Co-Founder РSenior, Fox School of Business; Mentor: Dick Woodward (GPSEG)