February 16


Ten software packages every business owner should know and use

It’s important to know your tools, and these ten tools are fundamental to running your business. You need to have enough proficiency so that if the person in your office who normally leads the way with this particular tool is out, you can still function.

For example, you can still print a P&L statement in QuickBooks, or make a text change to your web site in Dreamweaver and upload it to the server.

Packages listed below work contain items that work with both Windows and MacOS computer systems:

  1. Word processor, such as Microsoft Word
  2. Web browser, such as Firefox, IE, Oprah, or Safari
  3. e-Mail, such as Outlook, Eudora, or Apple Mail
  4. Calendar management with Outlook, or iCal
  5. Accounting program, such as QuickBooks
  6. Web site content program, such as Dreamweaver
  7. Spreadsheet, such as Excel
  8. Presentation slides, such as Powerpoint or Keynote
  9. Database management, such as FileMaker or Access
  10. Read and create PDF files with Adobe Acrobat


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