The Connections Will Always Matter

Chris Brogan, CEO of Human Business works, understands the importance of connections in business.

In a recent article on his blog, he asks: how can you maintain a balance between relationship business with social/online connections and the transactional market to become a part of your industry community at large?

Try using three components:

  1. Connect where you can. Even if you have 1 million twitter followers, you can still reach out every day in some form to few who are trying to connect with you. Saying that too many people are trying to communicate is not an excuse to form relationships with none of them.

  1. And yet… Don’t make yourself crazy trying to respond to every single person who reaches out via twitter, email, or blog post comments. As long a you connect as often as possible every day, you are making decent connections.

  1. See the business value of connections. Beyond personal factors, connections can also help your business regardless of who or how big such connections are. Sometimes it is the “up and comers” or the “little guys” who can provide the most significant value to your company.

So, connect often and value those connections. Doing so will benefit your life and your business. Share this post via Twitter, LinkedIn, and Facebook. I really look forward to your comments, so please add to the discussion using the comment fields below.