The Future is Messy

Howard Lundzon takes a Seth Godin blog post as platform for making a point that I also make to clients and students in my programs about how developing new products, services, and other ventures is rarely “by the book,” which is why so few people have the courage and commitment to see things through to completion. However, as you’ll read more from Howard below, that is precisely where the rewards are greatest.

‘The Future is Messy’. Keep those words in mind as you look at the charts from Nasdaq 100, which closed yesterday at high prices not seen in 13 years. Back in 2000, businesses that are so familiar today (such as Google, Amazon, Apple, etc.) were just getting their starts.

In context, the future may look neat and some may believe that all time highs are bound to occur. Howard Lundzon disagrees, taking his place with others such as Paul Graham and Seth Godin in saying that although people want to see neat – neat is rarely the case.

Lundzon does not waste his time looking for scales. Instead, he invests in people, patterns, and expected behaviors. He encourages others to embrace some messiness and to be surprised at how neat and profitable your life has the potential to become over time.

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