November 30


The Secrets to Getting More Done for Entrepreneurs

by: Bill Ringle

Have you ever noticed that some people get much more done than others in the same day, week, month, or quarter?

Through my presentations and seminars, I teach thousands of entrepreneurs and executives each year how to unlock the growth potential of their business. Through this work, I get to hear a lot of examples of how to achieve success and how NOT to succeed. I’m also fortunate enough to work 1:1 with a few dozen entrepreneurs each year, and that gives me additional insight and understanding that I want to share with you about super productivity.

In a word, it’s all about focus. Here are 3 key strategies you need to learn to support focusing:

  1. Learn to delegate or you’ll never be able to focus on your unique strengths. Your unique strengths are the things that you do best and add the most value to your business.

  2. Learn to create systems, or you’ll never be able to scale your company. Systems allow for processes and procedures to repeatable and maintain high quality. They can be as simple as a checklist or as elaborate as a handbook.

  3. Learn to maintain a positive mindset, or you’ll miss out on opportunities that might be right in front of you. A positive mindset doesn’t come from simply saying, “Be positive, be positive, be positive” all the time. In fact, that can be irritating to the people around you and really be an expression of insecurity. A positive mindset is being the eye of the storm, calm and centered no matter what is going on around you. It’s a high degree of self-awareness, so you know what is the right thing to do in ambiguous situations. A positive mindset allows you to remember the truth of your self and your situation, so no matter what’s going on in the news or the world around you, you know what you can control, influence, and accomplish. Then, you’re thrown off track by distractions and needless worries.

Focus is the key to getting more done.




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