March 16


There’s No Such Thing As A ‘Digital Marketing Strategy’ Anymore

Digital media used to be the odd-duck add-on to more traditional forms of marketing. Executives would “experiment” or “dip a toe in the water.” This shouldn’t be new news, and hopefully your company is already reaping the benefits of a well implemented digital marketing strategy.

Business Insider reminds us once again, the statistics behind the digital consumer (80% immersed in social and visual digital multimedia) and re-underlines the opportunities that await the inevitable wave of mobile marketers as well as the challenges of pulling together cohesive strategies that involve company sites and external advertisers.

This is a crucial and clumsy way of saying that digital marketing is being integrated into all aspects of strategy, design, and marketing implementation. It seems less significant to me as news than as a historical marker of when mainstream marketers have looked back and said, “Hey this now makes sense.”

Read the full article here.


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