January 31


Tim Ferriss Training for You…if You Act Fast

Tim Ferris recently tracked 3,500 people using The 4-Hour Body for 4 weeks using smartphone input and photographs… with astounding results: an 84% success rate!  To celebrate this, he said he’d like to offer a special deal to you, loyal readers!

If you buy two copies of The 4-Hour Body, he’d like to give you his $299 2-day course on CreativeLIVE… for free.  Just purchase two copies on Amazon and fill out this form.  Then gives those copies to friends (or clients) who can benefit from them.

So, for about $30, you get a $299 course.  And what is this CreativeLIVE course?

It’s two days of actionable content, filmed in HD with multiple cameras, including in-depth material from:

  • Tim (including key concepts from all three books: The 4-Hour WorkweekThe 4-Hour Body, and The 4-Hour Chef)
  • Neil Strauss, 6x New York Times bestselling author (on creative process and successful writing)
  • Noah Kagan, CEO of AppSumo (testing and creating businesses or “muses”)
  • Dave Camarillo, UFC grappling trainer (real-world self-defense training and jiu-jitsu — I get thrown a lot)
  • Philippe von Borries, Co-Founder of Refinery29 (start-up funding, founding, and growth strategy)
  • Leila Janah, CEO of Samasource (maximizing social good, hacking the non-profit world)
  • Mark Bell, world-class powerlifter, top-10 totals of all-time (power training)
  • Kelly Starrett, founder of SF CrossFit (crossfit, mobility training, undoing physical damage)
  • Rick Torbett, founder of Better Basketball (keys to better shooting, better learning/coaching)
  • John Jackson, founder of ArcheryTag (archery, shooting an apple off of his head — really)

…and much more.

To take advantage of this offer, just purchase 2 copies of The 4-Hour Body and then follow this link to enter details from your receipt to claim your access to the online training with Tim.



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