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Words Matter, So How are You Doing with Yours?

Everybody Can Use a Pep Talk

Kid President makes a strong case for everyone to hear his message. As you watch this video the first time, enjoy what he says and how he delivers it. The next time you watch it, evaluate your self in delivering words of encouragement to your team and how you might pick up some pointers from Kid President.



What is a pep talk?

A pep talk is a fresh perspective, a new way of looking at things along with reminders of who you are and what you are seeking to accomplish.

Who can use a pep talk?

A pep talk isn’t just for locker rooms. It’s for board rooms. It’s for meeting rooms. It’s for 1:1 conversations.

Executives give pep talks to each other at leadership retreats and company conventions. Sales managers give pep talks to their sales team. Bosses give pep talks to their staff. Athletic coaches give pep talks to their players, and parents give pep talks to their children. Pep talks are much more prevalent than you might imagine.

When can you use a pep talk?

Day-to-day business can be a grind sometimes, especially when the work is overwhelming. A pep talk can break up the feeling of overwhelm and bring a smile to your face. What I enjoy about this video is that Kid President acknowledges the struggles and challenges and still offers encouragement. His message conveys more wisdom and experience than I’ve met  in many corporate offices.

When you are mired in little emergencies, you can really use a pep talk. No one makes good business or personal decisions from a place of panic.

Why should you listen to this pep talk?

Kid President shares his message authentically and with enthusiasm. As a young person, he may not know the ins and outs of business or the technical skills to succeed. However, he knows something that far too many business leaders have forgotten, which is to wake up each day and be your most “awesome self.” Kid President wants you to view this video and embrace his credo that “it is everybody’s duty to give the world a reason to dance.” Kid President definitely has the moves!


I hope this video message from Kid President resonates for you. Please share this video with others using the buttons below and let me know what you think using the comment section. 


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