Top Industries to Start a Business in 2013 from Under30CEO

Recently I was working with a company in Boise, ID — yes, far from Philadelphia, but surprisingly easy to reach by plane — and during our management forecast session, we examined friction points in the business that were slowing, stopping, or even derailing forward momentum.

Once we clarified the top issues, we set about ways to restructure the work environment to be more supportive of the people, the flow of information, and other important aspects of the business. As part of the follow-up action items, we created a wishlist of external resources that would help the company reduce its distractions and improve people’s alignment with the strategy and objectives.

This week, when I scanned the Top 10 Industries to Start a Business in 2013 posted on the Under30CEO site, I thought how on-target their list was, especially since 7 of the top 10 companies listed are ones that the Boise company managers will be looking to hire.

Leading the list:

  • Healthy fast foods

  • Internet Marketing agencies

  • Elder care

  • Home Fitness Trainers

  • Green Contracting top the list

Look at these growth niches as validators of your market or of a growing population to serve your business, your family, or others in the emerging demographic shift.

What can you take away from this list?