Top Six Marketing Trends to Watch in 2013

In a recent article for Social Media Examiner, writer Patricia Redsicker discusses 6 marketing trends to watch in 2013. According to the 2013 Infinite Dial Report by Edison Research, media usage is not a zero-sum game. Consumers want to use all channels simultaneously, and as a marketer, you have to keep up by tracking them down wherever they go.

The 6 emerging trends are:

1.     Media Fragmentation

According to the Edison report, there are 256 million U.S. users on TV, 243 million on radio, 232 million on the Internet, 182 million connected at home via broadband, 177 million connected at home via wi-fi, and 139 million smartphone users. It means marketers have to catch-up and shift away from strategies of the past. As a marketer you should distribute content across as many types of media and platforms as your budget can allow. Media multitasking has become the new normal thing and you need to be smarter, more creative and more visual.

2.     Smartphone Device Adoption Has Reached Half of U.S. Population

With 53% of Americans owning smartphones, mobile use has reached critical mass in the United States. It means, for marketers mobile-first strategy is the new priority. The significance of location-based marketing will continue to grow in importance. Also, social media content that is easy to consume and interact with on the go, for example, more images, easy-to-execute calls to action etc will be the need of the hour.

3.     Content Marketing Is Still King

Content is still the king. A 2012 survey conducted by Outbrain and research firm eConsultancy showed that 91% of in-house marketers use content marketing to sell their products and services. Marketers should focus on content marketing rather than advertising because consumers interact with content first, giving brands ideas or insights about what is important to them.

4.     Facebook Is Still Dominant

The numbers of users on Facebook is rising, giving marketers opportunities to interact with audiences in innovative ways. Hashtags will open up new advertising opportunities for marketers, including the ability to advertise directly to users who have used or clicked on a particular hashtag. Graph Search is also a valuable tool for helping you find people who like your Page. Marketers must learn and master the Facebook environment.

5.     Users Notice More Branded Content on Their News Feed

Most users don’t visit a brand’s Facebook Page. They interact with brands on their news feed, which is where opportunities and challenges lie for marketers. Images will continue to grow in importance so marketers should make posts more visual and provide interesting yet relevant insights about their company.

6.     Twitter Getting More Popularity

An overwhelming majority of Americans have been exposed to Twitter via multimedia consumption, and especially with the company’s impending IPO. Marketers should recognize its hidden potential.  Take advantage of the current Twitter-friendly multimedia environment and promote your brand among non-Twitter audiences.

Audiences are dispersed across multiple channels and platforms. If marketers know how media fragmentation works and how to engage with consumers across multiple channels they will maximize value for their brand.

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Which of these marketing trends will you implement in your company? Share your pick in the comments below.