September 3


University Classes Require Books, Right?

Starting this fall, The University of Maryland University College is taking textbooks out of the system, the first University in the country to do so. The plan will effectively save students thousands of dollars throughout their academic careers. University classes are trading in their textbooks in favor of something much more accessible.

The way it works is that students will now have access to online resources like readings, videos, and other multimedia at no cost. None of the colleges and universities in the U.S. have ever undergone a transition of this magnitude, but UMUC – which has about 84,000 students is confident that these changes will be beneficial for everyone.

It’s likely that the students are pretty confident about this too.

Read more at Baltimore CBS.

This university is changing the paradigm and breaking with the longstanding expectation that effective teaching takes place in classrooms with faculty and books. This move signals a shift with enormous implications for the book publishing industry, among others. Yet it is a change that many could see coming miles away (and years ago). What industry are you in and what is a significant imminent change that you can see?


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