Unlocking Business Growth in a Turbulent Economy



Participants will gain both tools and confidence to help their business succeed in a difficult economy.


When the news from TV, radio, blogs, and newspapers is saying economic conditions are hopeless, it’s important to remember that some businesses in each industry will buck the trend and prosper while others struggle. What’s the difference between the companies that succeed and grow vs. the ones that fail and go under? Complex situations can rarely be summed up in a single word or phrase. However, the companies that succeed during uncertain economic times are those whose leaders focus on the things that are within their ability to control. In analyzing the trends and strategies of several major industries, this presentation lays out a compelling case for the repeatable strategies and techniques that help align people, strategy, and resource deployment.

Business leaders will learn to:

  • Identify and articulate growth opportunities to staff and customers
  • Focus their personal resources to take productive action on a consistent basis
  • Avoid the dangers and limitations of “slogan” growth plans
  • Design and test growth strategies
  • Manage “up” in an organization to maintain support for key initiatives


This presentation is designed to accommodate a keynote or concurrent session lasting 30 minutes to 3 hours in venues such as executive briefings, conference keynotes, association meetings, and management seminars.


Room and equipment requirements can be accommodated by almost any hotel or conference center with advance notice. A checklist is provided.

Delivery Flexibility

This presentation can also be adapted to fit the needs of a leadership retreat, a series of executive education or continuing professional education sessions. Contact Bill Ringle for more details.


Note: This presentation can be customized to fit your format, audience, and content needs through our collaborative pre-event research process. In order to gain insight and understanding of typical challenges and needs facing your participants, Bill Ringle personally contacts representative members of the audience prior to each engagement. Contact Bill Ringle’s office at 610-626-0175 with any questions or special requests.


Interested? Contact Bill Ringle to request this – or another – presentation.

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