Use Employees to Improve Your Company’s Online Presence

A company’s website is an integral part of entrepreneurship in the 21st century, and in a recent article, Under30CEO lists six components to help improve a company’s presence.

  • Announce a “Content Creation Race”: The significance of a race is that everyone who begins usually completes whereas in a contest there can only be a single winner.

  • The rules of the race: Each employee must make a contribution to the website and then spend time promoting their content. At the end of a certain time period (perhaps a month or two), the individual with the most activity (shares, likes, comments, etc) wins the race.

  • The benefits for you – the CEO: You will have quality articles, tools to convey your company’s expertise, and a larger online presence. This is also a solid way to find the best employee for website content.

  • The benefits for your team:  Although the prize should be left to the CEO himself, Under30CEO provides some suggestions such as additional vacation days, prime parking spot, premium training course entry, etc.

  • Introducing a Leaderboard: Publish an accessible leaderboard, updated daily, to keep every participant aware of their place. Try WordPress or Flare to aid with keeping track.

  • When the race ends: Announce winners, award prizes, and enjoy your newfound site traffic.

Would you give this “Content Creation Race” a try within your company? Let us know how it goes in the comment section.

About the Author Bill Ringle

Bill Ringle is a CEO, former Apple exec, published author, and angel investor. Through Grow Business Now, he offers strategies and tools to elevate growth for executives and entrepreneurs from more than 46 industries. Bill has conducted nearly 200 podcast interviews on My Quest for the Best, where industry and business leaders share their secrets to success.

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