April 3


We are Hardwired to Bond

I want you to view this slide deck for two reasons: one, you will enjoy it; two, you will learn something valuable.

Before you view these slides that Tania Hartman arranged, ask yourself this question, “What do animal photos have to do with business growth?”

Responses when I ask people in my seminars range from “nothing, but they are cute” to “a lot — otherwise we wouldn’t see them as so many company spokesfigures, from Aflac ducks to even Snoopy cartoons for Metlife.”

Consider this:
We are hardwired to bond, biologically.

Now flip through just a dozen slides and then step back and notice whether you feel more relaxed and are thinking of people you haven’t thought of before looking at the slides.

Savvy marketers can use animals as one part of their approach to cut through the noise and clutter to get people’s attention.

Please share your thoughts about the impact of using animals in marketing below.


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