March 2


What your Email Says About Your Brand

Your email is a constant extension of your brand that says a lot about your credibility. If you haven’t updated it since you signed up for a hotmail account, here are some reasons to reconsider, especially when using it for business.


  1. If your goal is to project a . You may be up to date, but your email says I couldn’t be bothered to update.
  2. Showing your personality is excellent, but it’s better to stick to a custom professional domain to accomplish this. Beginning contact with a client from ‘taxplaya@domain’ or ‘bigbadbobby@gmail’ loudly denounces your credibility and devalues your work.


  1. The me@me route sends the message, “I work for myself, and you’re talking to the decision maker.”
  2. Using a nickname in your email indicates a casual small business environment.
  3. Sometimes using your domain creatively (within reason) can convey the level of casual or lack thereof and that can be powerful in attracting the right kind of client.

The Email Signature:
Your email signature can be a tricky thing. If you put nothing, and keep it clean and simple what might get conveyed is: don’t call us. But a lack of full spectrum colors and glitter quotes doesn’t mean you’re on the right track if you list your full credentials at the end of every email it’s a bit like taking the diploma off the wall and putting it on desk. Like all things, balance is key, proclaiming your media outlets could be really powerful if done right, and certainly something you should revisit.

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