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17 hours ago
It's Never too Late to Start Fresh The present isn’t always dictated by the past, and life (as well as actions) are created from moment to moment. Don’t hesitate because of things that have happened in the https://t.co/JKZMayYMB1 https://t.co/GkHpH2HRJI BillRingle photo
20 hours ago
Improve yourself. We all like to have faith in things changing on their own, but that simply doesn’t happen. The only way for things to change is to change as well, or to work for that change. Don’t wait f https://t.co/xLVxby9elD https://t.co/gHbjhh9czs BillRingle photo
2 days ago
These 9 Qualities Can Help You Thrive in Any Situation - @goodhealth https://t.co/vf1OBWlOAl