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2 hours ago
Complaints are really feedback. Really! Feedback is a gift. Be smarter than those who withdraw from the arena of activity for fear of hearing unhappy feedback, because the patterns you hear in those compla https://t.co/jRYWfCe2Hx https://t.co/C7qOwJIxBS BillRingle photo
18 hours ago
The latest Business Breakthroughs Daily! https://t.co/OhVFGVzMUb #earthday #nationalparkweek
20 hours ago
Acknowledge and Praise Good Work When a good review is given to you or one of your workers, it’s also an opportunity to see what traits and skills individuals are looking at when they are considering your https://t.co/kZR42dggNM https://t.co/wKGY1N4znh BillRingle photo
23 hours ago
How to Avoid Being That Boss Everyone on the Team Hates (Hint: It Might Mean Swallowing Your Pride) https://t.co/yS0Zt4Quvm via @Inc @arianna