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Nothing else gives you more satisfaction than being with your Dad watching live game in the stadium, eating hot dogs and giving high fives. #MQ4B Never miss an episode https://t.co/MkfxRscZ4u

You don’t brag about the times you watch from home, you brag of being there. #MQ4B Never miss an episode https://t.co/t8N1XZnHhx

Which end of the pencil I use the most is a good indication that how many mistakes that I make. #MQ4B Never miss an episode https://t.co/97i0OIXBI2

When you sit back at home and watch a game, you miss the height of emotion and connection the sports provides being with all the other fans at the arena or field. #MQ4B Never miss an episode https://t.co/egjyo72V5I