August 16


Why Dayparting Must Be Part of Your Mobile Strategy

What exactly is dayparting? Dayparting refers to a division of the 24 hour day into several components and providing unique market programming for each section. Although this concept may take time while collecting data and understanding consumer behavior, the pay off is worth it.

Sometimes dayparting is obvious or intuitive. Coffeehshops, for example, should invest in mornings and afternoons. Restaurants need to focus on reaching consumers before meals. Businesses reaching for stay-at-home moms should spend money on daytime advertisement and the opposite is true for reaching working adults with 9-5 jobs. You must customize your digital marketing approaches to meet your target audience.

Other aspects about dayparting are that it can be used to leverage other factors such as pricing of competition, GPS, weather, etc., and it should not cost your company any more than other campaigns.

Things to consider while dayparting:

  • Don’t assume that customers aren’t home when they’re on a mobile device

  • Over 50% of smartphone users check their phones as soon as they wake up

  • Not all catagories are time sensitive

  • Consumers utilize different devices for different objectives and different times

  • Daypart in tandem with a device’s Internet connection to determine customer intent

  • Social media tools such as Tweriod, Budder, SocialFlow, and HootSuite, can help choose the right time of day

  • Be certain your website is ready for mobile use

  • Smartphone and tablet screens are smaller, so make sure you are providing information that is truly useful

  • “Gap time”, extra time like being in line for coffee or checking out a the grocers, can be a great opportunity to connect with people frequently but with less information

  • Think about refraining from delivering information during rush hour driving times

  • Use platforms such as Appboy and CaptureCode to gain insight into the habits of your target consumer

  • Serve your audience, find your unique approach, and refrain from utilizing another brand’s dayparting system

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