Why Hire Bill Ringle

Top 10 Reasons to Hire Bill Ringle:

What You’ll Gain by Working with Bill Ringle

Corporate Leaders and Managers have:

  • Aligned learning and technology programs to meet business objectives
  • Increased the effectiveness of marketing campaigns
  • Implemented new processes to increase knowledge transfer within and between teams
  • Increased retention and raised morale
  • Slashed operational expenses by using collaborative tools
  • Conducted effective pilot programs and experiments that led to creative results and insights that produced business advantages over the competition

Business Owners have:

  • Learned how to use their web site as a business tool and not a simple online brochure
  • Improved business relationships with customers and vendors through “keep in touch” marketing techniques
  • Increased sales through affiliate partnerships
  • Raised visibility of their offerings to target market buyers
  • Revised strategic marketing messages to address the particular needs of prospects, customers, and key accounts

Professional Associations and Organizations have:

  • Gained insights into the urgent and critical needs of their members
  • Added “buzz” to events using creative marketing techniques
  • Demystified technology to better serve their own operations and benefit their memberships
  • The Process Used to Develop Your Customized Presentation

A proprietary development process is used, based on over 10 years experience presenting to top management executives and successful entrepreneurs in the United States, Canada, Japan, and Australia.

The model is based upon three layers that combine to create a unique value-add experience at your event: Bill’s technical background and business experience, a researched analysis of your organization’s challenges and desired situation, and professional delivery/facilitation.

Key elements of this process include:

  1. Alignment. Bill Ringle will have a conversation with the person who has ultimate responsibility for the event, to make sure that significant themes and desired outcomes are understood.
  2. Research. Once engaged to participate in your event, Bill Ringle will want to review background material on the event, your organization, and interview a cross-sampling of participants to identify and validate issues.
  3. Design integration. Details are placed in context and patterns are identified and used in the presentation development.
  4. Delivery/facilitation. Whether Bill is hired to present to 2,000 at a sales meeting or facilitate a business strategy retreat with a dozen top executives, you can count on his experience, professionalism, and ability to think on his feet. His presentations are educational, entertaining, persuasive, and energizing.
  5. Review and recommendations. While a single presentation, or seminar, or retreat offers the opportunity to disseminate a strategic direction, gain insights and skill, and have trends put in context, what matters most — where you gain the greatest ROI — is how your people put these new ideas to work. As part of our process, we always conduct an after-event review to discuss what was learned and ways to deepen the impact and perpetuate the postive direction momentum.

By collaborating on this development process with Bill Ringle, you know that he is exploring every avenue to make the most of the event and meet (and exceed, wherever possible) the objectives you’ve jointly set.

What’s the Next Step?

If you are reponsible for planning a meeting, a keynote event, a concurrent session, a management retreat, or leadership symposium, click this link to reserve your date and/or request additional information.