March 5


Will the World Replace Employees with Entrepreneurs?

In a world full of innovative entrepreneurs where will the regular employee find their place. In a trend of cost effective outsourcing (via human or robots) and escalating kickstarts the average employee is slowly getting


sidelined. Is it a possibility that we’ll all be creative entrepreneurs in the future? It seems like a risk for both sides, but while panic may be in the air the reality is that we are still workers on earth. A cheaper work force on another side of the earth may be bottom line friendly but will it be in practice? Will all the workers get trained to upkeep the robots instead? And how feasible is a workplace filled with entrepreneurs fight each other for what they passionately believe it?

Read about branching out into entrepreneurship:

NY Times on how entrepreneurs handle employees:

Why entrepreneurs could make good employees on Forbes:

Pro virtual employees:

How entrepreneurs can help freelancers on Business Week:

An article about entrepreneurial employees from MIT:

The full source article can be found here.


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