Woody Allen and the Value of Productivity

In a recent article about productivity, the author looks to writer/director Woody Allen for pointers.

The author, a professor, discusses the difference between task productivity, organizing and executing unskilled obligations, and value productivity, a lesser talked about phrase, which refers to the consistent production of highly-skilled and highly-valued outputs of obligations.  The latter, argues the author, is what can give those who understand it more competitive knowledge in this economy.

Through watching a Woody Allen documentary, the author is able to pick up three ideas that were key to Allen’s high level of value productivity

  1. Don’t Break the Chain: Allen writes for a fixed amount of time every day, believing that it is the steadiness that counts and allowing himself to truly enjoy his off time.

  2. Be Bold in Conception, But Pragmatic in Execution: When thinking about a new project, Allen sets his sights high. Once he begins to execute this project, he makes sure he does whatever it takes to finish it on budget and on time.

  3. Focus on High Return Activities, Not Twitter: By choosing to focus on activities that generated the highest returns earlier in his career Allen was able to maximize success and time. He strips down his writing to the bare necessities (writing scripts freehand on notepads and final drafts on manual typewriters), having never owned a computer.

How will you apply these productivity tips in your business/daily life?

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