World Future Society of Greater Philadelphia Presents a Public Panel Discussion on the Future of Business Outsourcing

World Future Society of Greater Philadelphia Presents a Public Panel Discussion on the Future of Business Outsourcing

Philadelphia, PA – On Monday, June 20th at 1:00pm, Bill Ringle, a nationally known business growth strategist and president of the World Future Society of Greater Philadelphia, will lead a panel discussion on the future of business outsourcing. This teleseminar will feature a panel of business experts and is publicly available via a telephone bridge line. Registration is required.

The Internet obliterates the obstacles to doing business globally. Manufacturers have been outsourcing production to the cheapest and most reliable source of suppliers for decades. In the last ten years, professional service firms have offices not just in multiple time zones, but in distant cities around the world to take advantage of the skilled labor and time shifting. Recently, business owners who had a need for transcription services, customer call centers, graphic development, or programming tasks have worked through popular business brokering sites to have work completed efficiently and competently. What does the future hold for business outsourcing as these connections become easier and easier to make? What are the risks to be managed? How will this be a win-win situation? The WFS panel will explore meaningful and innovative answers to these questions.

“The macro trend of sharing photos and status updates and virtual birds angered via social media platforms overlooks the deeper flux of business needs finding well-trained talent wherever and whenever it is available to crunch numbers, research report facts, and even edit Hollywood soundtracks. This panel discussion will reveal some of the startling truths about how prevalent outsourcing has become at all levels of society and explore the possible implications in the years ahead,” explains Ringle.

The featured panelists for this event are: Michael Schutzler, CEO of LiveMocha, former CEO of, and executive with; Sarah Cook, founder of Raising CEO Kids and co-author of The Parent’s Guide to Raising CEO Kids; Owen McGab Enaohwo, CEO of Hire Your Virtual; and Adam Strum, president of the 30-person printing company Apple Visual Graphics.

This stimulating panel discussion on the future of business outsourcing can be attended from the convenience of your office, home, or anywhere you can dial in to a bridge line. To register, visit For more information on the Philadelphia Chapter of the World Future Society, visit